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What makes us unique
We help companies successfully sell online

For ten years, taocarts has been committed to the development of cross-border transaction systems. We committed to helping each company run its business better

The taocarts purchasing system developed by Zhengzhou Jizhuang Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. helps many Taobao purchasing transshipment merchants to easily manage their online sales business. and the taocarts agency system came into being

taocarts has established a dedicated cross-border R&D team to explore the world's leading Internet online model, seize the needs of the future market, maintain close contact with international trade practitioners and experts, and form taocarts' unique market acumen and forward-looking. It has been developed Multiple international cross-border e-commerce systems

Years of market experience and unique advantages of resources are obvious

Open stores on other platforms

  • The platform has high requirements and cumbersome rules for sellers
  • Find product sources by yourself, occupy capital, compete at low prices
  • Brand and customer communication weakened
  • Unable to obtain customer information
  • Low traffic in new stores
  • Competition between e-commerce platforms and stores themselves
  • Advertising on the platform is expensive

taocarts independent website

  • Independent domain name,you can use the existing complete system, or customize develop it according to your needs
  • No rules, just concentrate on operation
  • Automatic acquisition of all Taobao 1688 sources, rich in categories, no inventory, no need to take up funds
  • Directly link to your own website through social platforms to attract customers to place orders
  • Customer information is uniformly stored in the system, which is helpful for member-level management
  • Control the traffic of the entire website by yourself, there will be no low price competition
  • No extra charges, just renew the monthly rent regularly

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