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WMS-warehouse refined management

High-precision + flexible strategy configuration to create digital, intelligent, and visualized management of warehousing, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for enterprises

WMS is a refined warehouse management software independently developed by taocarts. It supports the structure of the group company, supports multiple warehouses, multiple owners, multiple business models, configurable flexible strategies and process value-added services, and supports operation modes such as people looking for goods and goods to people. It can realize the movement of things and accounts, and the whole process of visual management.

Feature highlights

Low cost, fast efficiency, fast deployment

  • Enterprise cloud application deployment
    Enterprise multi-organization, multi-department, multi-role model,multi-dimensional and comprehensive security verification mechanism
  • Centralized inventory center
    Provide an overall view of inventory, display inventory strategies in all aspects, and provide users with a unified inventory platform
  • Cloud warehouse architecture
    Global multi-warehouse, multi-owner, multi-customer dimension architecture, CDC, RDC, FDC full network cloud management and control
  • Integrated vision of warehouse and distribution
    Full-process business optimization, supporting a full-dimensional business vision from manufacturing, retail, and circulation industries
  • Omni-channel business model
    Support multiple business models of B2B and B2C, and provide differentiated industry solutions according to different business models
  • Improve customer service level
    Provide online inventory query and order status query functions to provide customers with comprehensive information value-added services