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Privacy Policy

In order to effectively protect the privacy of taoarts users and optimize the user experience, we update the user privacy policy (Revised Version) of taoarts in accordance with the current laws and policies, and specify the policies and measures of taoarts in terms of access, management and protection of users' personal information. This privacy policy applies to all services provided by taoarts to you, whether you obtain the taoarts service through computer devices, mobile terminals or other devices.
This user privacy policy will help you understand the following:

      What information will we collect from you?
      How do we use your information?
      Who do we share your information with?
      How do we protect your information?
      Dispute resolution / how to contact us
      How will we inform you of the policy changes?

What information will we collect from you?

Usually, you can visit our company on the Internet without telling us who you are or providing any personal information about you. However, to facilitate your access to our services, you may choose to provide us with the following information under various circumstances.
What you do. When you use our services, we will automatically collect some data so that these services can better meet your needs. Such data include:
      What you are searching for
      Date, time identification and your communication with customer service.
      Videos you watch
      Ads you click or click on
      Your location information
      Device information
      IP address

While maintaining your rights and freedom, we will use your personal data to pursue our legitimate interests. We have implemented measures to balance our interests with yours, including:
To improve our services, such as viewing information related to pauses or conflicting pages encountered by members, so that we can identify and solve problems and provide you with a better experience.

For what purpose do we collect your information?

We use this information to empower you to access and improve our services; for example, to make our platform interface easier to use. We also use this information to personalize your services, such as:
Customize, evaluate and improve on-site advertising according to your advertising preferences.
Provide targeted marketing promotion, service update and promotion discount according to your communication preferences.
Contact you via email or email or social platform to offer you coupons, discounts and special promotions as authorized by applicable law.
We invite you to be our partner and participate in our company's projects through telephone, social platform, email and mobile device push notification.

Who do we share your information with?

Taoarts works with a variety of third parties and service providers to help provide services to you, and we may share personal information with them to support these efforts. To share your personal information with a third party, taoarts will ask for your consent in advance.
We may also share your personal information in the following situations:
In order to prevent, investigate or deal with illegal activities, suspected fraud, situations that pose a potential threat to the personal safety of any person, violations of the terms of service or any other agreements related to the services, or when otherwise required by law.
To help us with our marketing and / or advertising campaigns.
In order to meet legal requirements, or in response to statutory court orders, subpoenas and search warrants, or other requirements of government authorities (including national security requirements and law enforcement requirements).
Companies that acquire our business may also share personal information through mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy, dissolution, restructuring or other similar transactions or processes. If this happens, we will post a notice on the home page.

How do we protect your information?

We will be able to access your personal information from our server, and your personal information will be processed on our server. No matter where personal information is stored, we are committed to protecting the privacy and integrity of your personal information. Your personal information will be controlled by our technology and organization, and will be subject to our policies and procedures (including this Privacy Policy).
When we collect information from you, we will give you a clear and comprehensive introduction to the future use of this information. You can provide us with all or part of the information we want to collect according to your personal wishes. At the same time, you have the right to tell us what uses we want to use some information or what purposes we don't want to use some information. We will respect your wishes. Our company guarantees the safety and quality of the information and data you provide to us in physical, electronic and other ways.
Note: some countries, regions or organizations may not issue strict laws and regulations to protect your information. Within these regions or organizations, our company will still process your information in the manner described in this privacy policy.

Dispute resolution / how to contact us

If you have any questions or complaints about this user privacy policy or our data handling methods, you can contact our office at 1418 Zhenghong center, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, China.
Data controller:taocarts
mail box:969buy@gmail.com
Your right to file a complaint with the data protection authority is not affected.

How will we inform you of the policy changes?

If we make any significant changes to this policy, we will publish the updated policy here and inform our users on the taoarts website. Please check this page frequently for any updates or changes to this policy.
By using the taoarts website and mobile applications, you accept our rules and policies on your personal information, and you explicitly agree that we collect, process, use and store your personal information in accordance with this policy.
You acknowledge that you have read and understood this privacy policy.
If you do not agree to this privacy policy, you will not be able to use the service. If you change your mind in the future, you can withdraw your consent to use personal information according to this policy.