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Excellent functional design, increase sales multiples

Custom design your online store and payment experience to increase the conversion rate by up to 18%


Personalize your product catalog

taocarts supports the function of recommending products on the homepage, and the keywords of products recommended in the search box, which can be recommended based on customers' purchase history and behavior. Have a premium membership system to make customers fall in love with your website and make the digital world more personalized


Promote conversion from product page to payment

Less payment links means more sales. Provide your customers with a seamless digital wallet buying experience directly on the product page

Upload goods

Upload your own products

The taocarts system has the function of a self-operated shopping center, which supports uploading your own products or cooperating with local manufacturers to upload their products to your website to meet the needs of local consumers

Multi-channel trade

Reach every customer location

Show your online store to a national audience through more than 20 sales channels, through any device. From offline retail stores to social platforms, channels are easy to implement. The website can use a third-party social platform to log in, and the website and products can be shared on the social platform

Analysis and report

Use data to make informed decisions

Know your customers better through data and serve them better through insights

Get a comprehensive understanding of users, malls and automation, and understand your business at a glance. Take advantage of performance and growth opportunities by working with major analysis tools