Excellent function design makes the sales increase multiple

Customize your online mall and payment experience to increase conversion rates by up to 18%


Personalize your catalogue

taocarts supports the function of recommending goods on the home page and the keyword of recommending goods in the search box. It can recommend according to customers' purchase history and behavior. It has the advanced membership function to make customers fall in love with your website and make the digital world more personalized


Promote the transformation from product page to payment

Reducing the payment process means more sales, providing your customers with a seamless digital wallet purchase experience directly on the product page

Upload goods

Upload own goods

taocarts system has the function of self operated mall. It supports uploading self owned goods or cooperating with local manufacturers to upload their products to your online mall, which is close to local consumer demand

Multi channel trade

Reach every customer location

Through more than 20 sales channels, it is easy to display your online mall to the national audience through any device, from offline retail stores to social platform channels. The online mall can log in using a third-party social platform and share the mall and products to the social platform

Analysis and reporting

Use data to make informed decisions

Better understand your customers through data and better serve them through insight

Fully understand the user mall and automation, clearly understand your business at a glance, and take full advantage of performance and growth opportunities with major analysis tools