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From B2B to retail, reach every customer

Establish a standard e-commerce platform, directly facing B2B or consumers

One platform ,to complete all orders

Whether it is B2B and wholesale customers, or direct-to-consumer websites, taocarts can automate the sales process and enhance all your business operations

B2B meets D2C

Everything your buyers want

Today's B2B buyers want to choose online ordering. Provide the independence that B2B customers need and all the D2C features they expect

  • Provide personalized sales and marketing experience across devices and channels
  • Customers directly copy Taobao link or search keywords to find products
  • Provide flexible payment methods
  • Create custom pricing, percentage discounts and quantity-based pricing for customers
  • Automating and reviewing wholesale customer registration
  • Allow B2B customers to purchase and place purchase orders in bulk
Wholesale channels

Exclusive wholesale solution for bulk order

Your B2B customers can self-service transactions to simplify their ordering process

taocarts makes B2B online ordering possible. Customized commodity prices and commodity prices that can only be ordered by B2B can be set