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Multi-languagepurchasing agent and transshipment system,multi-currency,supporting all major logistics platforms,a variety of payment methodsa variety of platforms purchasing

Intelligent freight calculationorder management systemrealizing batch automatic purchase、automatic adding to shopping cart and automatic payment

Supportingmini programquick order,APPorder,web pageorder,tao passwordorder,and order with one key

Try taocarts free for 14 days without providing credit card information

They are all using taocarts for online business

Use taocarts to quickly build your e-commerce platform, making purchasing and transshipment of Chinese goods so simple!
Turn your retail store into an online website where customers can copy Taobao links or search for products and place orders on their own. Systematic order management, promote sales and manage your daily work

How Taocarts can help your business?

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If you import Chinese goods and wholesale them to your country
Taocarts can do it for you:
  1. E-commerce automation
  2. Mass commodity database
  3. Solve international logistics transshipment
  4. Solve cross-border payments
  5. Product procurement automation
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If you provide international logistics transshipment services
Taocarts can do it for you:
  1. International transshipment management automation
  2. E-commerce automation
  3. Warehouse management automation
  4. Enhance customer experience of purchasing Chinese goods
  5. Develop a large number of B2B and B2C customers

Reject the traditional import trade model
Help you develop a one-stop cross-border business

Create an e-commerce website backed by a powerful system that can help you purchase Chinese goods online, systematically manage orders, promote sales and manage your daily work

  • 01
    Realize e-commerce automation

    The system truly realizes automatic operation, without manual operation, improves work efficiency, can automatically purchase goods, automatically obtain order numbers and express delivery numbers

  • 02
    Global logistics

    We have hundreds of logistics cooperation channels, reach the world, recommend for you

  • 03
    Multiple cross-border payment methods

    Support Paypal, Western Union, local bank card transfer recharge, solve customer payment problems, customer payment directly into your account

Savecostsand improveeffectiveness,Expand customer coverage worldwide

taocarts is the most advanced integrated cross-border e-commerce platform for international transshipment and purchasing. It integrates powerful product channels, order management, cooperative transportation channels and other functions and technologies, saving a lot of time and labor costs. Empower cross-border e-commerce platforms from about 100 countries to efficiently develop and expand your business

In your country, you will have the best Taobao agent website!

  • The most attractive design layout allows the product to show its advantages
  • Including PC/WAP/APP
  • Personalized customization
  • Support multiple languages ​​and currencies
  • Automatically generate overseas shipping & tax rate
  • Multiple flexible settlement methods
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Taobao batch automatic purchase

  • Shop by shop
  • Purchase to order
  • Automatically select product attributes
  • Can be added to shopping cart
  • Can generate orders directly

Batch synchronization of express tracking numbers

  • Get the courier number with one click according to the order number
  • Multiple accounts can get the tracking number
  • 100% accuracy
  • Reduce manual operation time
  • Support Taobao Tmall 1688

Real-time tracking of logistics status

  • Obtain China domestic logistics information
  • Get international logistics information
  • Real-time update of domestic logistics information
  • Real-time update of international logistics information

Marketing plan to promote business growth

  • Master the target audience,conduct effective publicity
  • Reach consumers on popular social platforms
  • Find audiences based on content marketing and SEO techniques
  • Set up event information to send registered customers
  • Set up promotion alliance mechanism to invite customers and friends

Background management to master consumer needs

  • Real-time order information
  • Number of visitors and sales analysis
  • New and old customer transaction data
  • Detailed data export
  • Automatically generate orders, quickly complete order purchases
  • Systematic process, easy management of orders

What our customers think about taocarts

The most suitable professional e-commerce management platform for cross-border e-commerce and international logistics companies

We need an automated wholesale portal that customers can access at any time. taocarts has fully met our needs. It works very well and saves us a lot of time
We are engaged in global integration and agency business, and manual errors often occur. With the help of the taocarts agent system and all automated functions, we can manage more than 5 times customer orders every day, and it is accurate

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