Increasing your business volume is not your workload

Automate work tasks so that you can better expand new business

E-commerce automation
Faster and more accurate

Your enterprise is faced with complicated processes and a large number of tasks every day. Manual processing often makes mistakes. With the growth of business, you need an automatic e-commerce system that can quickly solve the problem of orders

taocarts is an e-commerce automation system that combines purchasing system with common tools, so you and your team can focus on your brand operation and business development rather than technical discussion


Simplify your business operations

taocarts system has the most advanced cross-border purchasing process in the world. It continuously optimizes functions for many cross-border business problems and develops many automation functions to improve cross-border trade

  • Mark and segment customers according to purchase behavior
  • Automated order generation
  • Automatic member points
  • Automatic prompt for order approval or cancellation with high risk
  • One click purchase of goods ordered by customers
  • Get express order number in batch
  • Batch warehousing
  • One click forecast transfer information
  • Price comparison with goods

Use plug-in tools to increase efficiency by 3 times

Effective and practical plug-in tools can help you automate complex processes. Connecting plug-in tools to your background system is simple and does not require technicians