Agent purchase + Transshipment

taocarts is enough

It runs on the PC side and provides a multifunctional shopping assistant for online shopping users with one click shopping and fast transfer

Multifunctional comprehensive shopping transfer assistant plug-in

Custom Professional Design

To search for goods
Support all the same products on multiple platforms

Marketing Landing Page Creation

One click purchasing
One click to join the shopping cart without jumping to the platform

Professional Logo Creation

One key prediction
Batch transshipment order, automatically obtain order details

To search for goods

  • It supports all the same models on seven platforms, including Taobao, Alibaba, pinduoduo and Yiwu shopping
  • Full classification refinement search
  • Multiple screening conditions, more flexible
  • Screenshot search for the same model and customize the search content
  • Find similar and the same
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One click purchasing

  • One click generation of purchasing website orders for goods on the source platform
  • Shopping cart data management
  • Quick export of purchasing data to excel

One key prediction

Quickly obtain the platform commodity order information, and transfer the order in batch with one click, reducing the operation steps and making the transfer more convenient and fast。


Open your shopping + Transshipment life for free