One stop cross-border purchasing system

Solve the problem of product logistics website construction for you and directly carry out purchasing and transshipment business online

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  • One stop service is everything you need for your online business
  • Start customer support for free and guide the operation process for you
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  • No programming skills, not even programmers
  • The customer support and technical team will serve you all the way

Front page design

  • 20 + national website page template reference

    In depth study of users' habits in various countries to design pages to provide you with the most applicable reference cases

  • Brand and customize your website

    Customize and upload the brand banner map, and quickly and easily set the website layout

  • Own exclusive domain name

    Use an existing domain name or purchase an exclusive domain name through Alibaba cloud

  • The website supports multiple languages, currencies and payment methods

    Complete the overall translation of the website through the language pack, and multiple languages, currencies and payment methods can be added

Background management system

  • Customer profile

    After the customer is registered, a file is formed to view the customer contact information and order history at any time

  • Member management

    Members in different stages are set according to the consumption amount, and members in each stage enjoy different discounts

  • Order processing

    Click order completion, and the purchase system automatically changes the order status, making daily management easier

  • Data analysis

    Data dashboard visitors browse intuitively and support exporting in spreadsheet form to help you analyze data

Marketing & search engine optimization

  • Search engine optimization

    Help potential customers find your website through search engine through SEO optimization

  • Social media integration

    All pages of the website can be linked to social media platforms such as Facebook Twitter

  • Activity tips

    Editing activity information is automatically sent by the system to directly reach customers

Product channel integration

  • E-commerce API

    Including Taobao 1688, tmall Jingdong pinduoduo and other e-commerce platform APIs

  • Product information

    Automatically synchronize the multi angle picture and video display of e-commerce platform and synchronize SKU and price

  • Self operated mall upload self owned products

    If you have product resources, you can upload your own products in the background, and the products will be displayed in the self operated mall

Smart plug-in import

  • Taobao 1688 automatic commodity purchase tool

    One click order generation automatically selects product attributes

  • Automatic acquisition tool for express delivery number in China

    Get the express delivery order number in batch through the order number, and the logistics information can be obtained at the same time

  • One click batch forecasting tool

    One click forecast transshipment order information automatically generates forecast transshipment order

  • International logistics tracking tool

    Connect with API interfaces of major logistics companies and support hundreds of logistics information queries

Stand alone server

  • HTTPS encryption authentication

    Transmission encryption and identity authentication ensure the security of the transmission process. You don't need to worry about the security of customer credit card data

  • Instant update

    The system automatically updates and synchronizes the latest functions at any time

  • 24-hour monitoring and management

    Don't worry about stopping your website. We work day and night to ensure that the store website always operates normally

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