Taobao purchasing system

Use taocarts purchasing system to purchase Chinese goods for your customers

What is Taobao purchasing agency?

Help customers in your area to buy goods. Chinese businessmen have a strong commodity database, and can set up a large online mall with hundreds of millions of products in an instant, and can automatically translate these Chinese commodities into national languages. Your customers place orders directly on the website. You, as the website operator, mail them to customers after purchasing on behalf of them to collect commodity price difference, purchasing fee and freight. The market is huge

How does Taobao make money ?

The operators of purchasing websites generate revenue by charging service fees, such as:

  • Purchasing service fee

  • Exchange rate difference
  • Value added services, such as special packaging, photo insurance or inspection services
  • Earn higher profits through international freight

Taobao purchasing system process

System advantages

Massive commodity Library

Real time update of online translation

Custom product settings

Custom commodity classification commodity price

Intelligent computing and management

Powerful freight calculation order management system

Technical encryption

PHP MySQL development data security separation high-strength encryption

Payment method

Support PayPal alipaywestuniondhpayoffline

technical support

247 all-weather free technical support and technical maintenance

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