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Hire taocarts experts to help you successfully start your business

Do you think this kind of online business is very promising? At the same time, you do see that many competitors have successfully sold goods online, but you are worried that you don't understand the business model enough and don't have the time or knowledge to set up your purchasing website correctly

Don't worry, you can hire taocarts experts to act as your agent. When a customer places an order, we will purchase goods for them. There's no need to waste your time. Just pay us the corresponding payment regularly. At the same time, we will help you set up your purchasing website in a correct way to make you get income quickly

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Custom Professional Design

Customized professional design and creation
When you don't have the necessary design skills, we help you design a website that meets the usage habits of local customers

Marketing Landing Page Creation

Create professional logo
taocarts will create a professional logo for your business and lay the foundation for presenting a new image in front of customers

Professional Logo Creation

Domain name purchase
You can use the domain name you already have, or taocarts experts can buy a new domain name for you

SSL Certificate Purchasing

SSL certificate purchase
Purchase SSL certificate to protect your purchasing website from being trusted by customers

Domain Name Purchasing

Third party application integration
Does your purchasing website need to be integrated with other software you are already using, such as erpcrm? Please feel free to contact us at any time

Email Setup

Basic settings of the website
If you need our expertise to build the website in the right way, please contact us

eCommerce Platform Migration

Payment and transportation settings
Do you need professional help to correctly set up payment and transportation methods? We will help you at any time

3rd Party Apps Integration

SEO of e-commerce
Do your competitors surpass you in the ranking of search engines? Don't worry, taocarts experts will provide you with SEO optimization services for purchasing websites

GDPR and Legal Compliance Documentation

Facebook advertising management
You may browse social media every day, but you never see it as an advertising channel. Now it's time to take advantage of Facebook enterprise