Terms of service

I. service content and use

The services provided by the provider to users include

      Use taocarts system to create an online purchasing website for users, and modify the basic page design except for new functions according to the needs of users on the basis of subscription version
      Provide access to the management panel for users to process and manage order information
      Provide technical support for users. After formal signing, we will create a project team group, and technicians will provide long-term technical support for users
      Ensure the connection between the server and the Internet and the technical conditions of its equipment within the user's subscription plan
      When using the service, the user shall not use software script programming language and other technologies that may damage the integrity or normal function of the system or cause difficulties in the use of other users
      The user does not have permission to use the service to create an agent and start the resident program
      The cost of providing proxy domain name purchase service shall be borne by the user
      In addition to the services specified in these general terms of use, the provider can also provide other services to users

II. Rights, obligations and responsibilities of both parties

      taocarts system and the attached documents are provided in the form of no explicit or implied compensation or guarantee
      Users have the right to reflect and put forward opinions. Relevant opinions will be taken as the primary consideration, but there is no commitment or guarantee that they will be adopted
      Users purchase and use taocarts system voluntarily. taocarts does not promise to provide any form of use guarantee, and does not assume any responsibility for problems arising from the use of taocarts system
      Users should back up data regularly by themselves, and taocarts will not bear any responsibility for the consequences of data loss caused by any reason
      The problems caused by the user's modification of the program are not within the scope of the compulsory technical support of taocarts. If the user needs to reinstall or repair the problems in the use process, taocarts will provide necessary support, but this repair or reinstallation cannot guarantee the recovery to the state before the damage, and taocarts will not be responsible for the data loss caused by the damage
      If the user violates the laws of the people's Republic of China in the process of using taocarts system, the user is fully responsible for all consequences and responsibilities. taocarts does not bear any responsibility. taocarts does not bear any responsibility for any third party
      taocarts is not responsible for the professional and technical training and guidance of users, including but not limited to the preparation and modification of design and production programs, and has no obligation to solve any problems caused by non software reasons such as hardware and software operation environment
      taocarts this system integrates and develops taocarts and third-party software API interfaces. taocarts has no obligation to provide all matters or responsibilities related to the use of third-party software, technical support and program source code. taocarts has integrated the third-party interfaces and some background management in taocarts server and data processing interface. taocarts has no obligation to provide any programs and program codes corresponding to these interfaces
      taocarts will not bear any responsibility and compensation if the system stops development and service due to irresistible factors. taocarts must inform the user three months in advance and deal with the after-sales work
      The authorization agreement in electronic form has the same legal effect as the written agreement signed by both parties
      taocarts is not responsible for the transaction amount generated between users and their customers
      taocarts is not responsible for the operation of the user's website, and taocarts is not responsible for any amount dispute caused by the operation of the user's employees
      The provider shall not be liable for any loss caused by the user to the third party
      If the connection or operation of the equipment is not provided within a period of time due to force majeure, accidental events, Internet problems, technical or other objective reasons, including the order of the national competent authority, the provider shall not bear any responsibility

If these general terms of use conflict with the special contract between the provider and the user, the terms of the special agreement shall prevail

If all disputes arising from or related to the general terms of use cannot be settled amicably through negotiation between the provider and the user, they shall be further handled in accordance with the laws of the people's Republic of China

The terms of service shall come into force on the day when the provider signs the contract with the user