Create online purchasing websites and increase revenue efficiency by 5 times

The system has perfect functions and saves time and worry

Basic Edition

Essential basic functions for creating websites

  • Purchasing service
  • Transshipment service
  • Automatic purchase
  • Quick warehousing
  • Freight estimation
  • Email notification

Advanced Edition

Improve the functions required for the advancement of the website

  • Site map
  • financial statements
  • Facebook login
  • Operation log
  • Coupon management
  • Member level setting

Enterprise Edition

Necessary advanced functions for enterprise scale

  • Order message push
  • Bulk order
  • Shopify store management
  • Express 100 query
  • Pop up announcement
  • One to one customer service

taocarts APP

(Android & iOS)

  • Primary development
  • Automatic identification of Amoy password
  • Google Publishing
  • Appstore release
  • Third party login
  • Message push

Custom development

Customized development according to the specific needs of your enterprise(Advanced version and above support)

Main function modules of the front desk Basic Edition Advanced Edition Advanced Edition
Help center
Article system
Foreground Multilingualism 1 2 3
Multi currency 1 2 3
Freight estimation
Transportation mode and freight template
International transshipment function
Support secondary payment process
One click purchase plug-in -
China Express API access - -
International logistics API access - -
Freight is calculated by weight and country area
Shopping Cart
Integral member -
coupon - -
Online Service
Create order manually
International logistics recommendation
Third party login Basic Edition Advanced Edition Advanced Edition
Facebook -
Instagram - -
Twitter - -
Payment method Basic Edition Advanced Edition Advanced Edition
Other payment methods such as kshaerpromptpaylinepayairpaytruemoneypayebanxpaymongo need to be opened at an additional charge - - -
API function related Basic Edition Advanced Edition Advanced Edition
API interface Classification & search list
API same store product list -
API interface grab automatic translation
Daily special -
Taobao keyword recommendation - -
Taobao gets recommended products - -
Membership Center Basic Edition Advanced Edition Advanced Edition
List of purchasing orders
International package list
Transfer warehouse address
Transshipment order submission
My news
My information
My address
My collection
Records of consumption
Recharge application
Refund application
Membership level -
Points coupon -
Order message
Main function modules of background Basic Edition Advanced Edition Advanced Edition
Background Multilingualism 1 2 3
Mass email notification -
Mass sending of SMS notification -
Fill in the purchasing order manually
Transshipment order management
Purchasing order management
Questionnaire management
User list
Transfer recharge
Employee account number 2 5 15
Records of consumption
Recharge record
Financial statistics
Open SMS interface
Freight calculation template
Article list
List of bank accounts
Currency setting
Exchange rate setting
Background management authority
Basic settings
Mobile version Basic Edition Advanced Edition Advanced Edition
WAP version -